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Ultimate Guide to Nyepi Holiday: How to Experience Tranquility in Bali

Apart from Galungan and Kuningan, Nyepi is the biggest celebration in Bali. You could say that the entire Balinese people take part in this celebration and many ceremonies are held to welcome Nyepi. We can also enjoy Nyepi preparations throughout Bali. Instead of using a general calendar system, Balinese people use the Saka calendar as a reference for determining holidays and good days.

The Best Ayam Betutu in Bali: Warung Ni Kadek Wati

Bali has a variety of typical foods like babi guling , lawar, etc. One of them is betutu chicken. One of the restaurants that serves the most delicious betutu chicken, Warung Ni Kadek Wati is located in Denpasar City. This time, we will visit this place and enjoy their special signature dishes!