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Exploring Legong Dance: A Timeless Dance of Balinese Tradition

Dance performances are one of the attractions that you should not miss if you go to Bali. One of the most beautiful traditional dances is the Legong Dance. design by canva In this article I will explain more about Legong Dance and where you can watch it.

Feel The Javanese Atmosphere at Angkringan Jogja Denpasar

Gudeg is a traditional Yogyakarta meal that takes a long time to prepare and celebrates sweet flavors with a hint of unique spices. Gudeg is a distinctive dish that is made from jackfruit stewed in a coconut milk sauce with different spices. The warm, delicate jackfruit meat in the gudeg dish combines with unique spices to create a flavor symphony that is difficult to forget. To enjoy this Yogyakarta signature dish, we don't need to go to Java. Nowadays, the gudeg menu has spread throughout Indonesia, including Bali. We can eat gudeg in a stall called angkringan.  

Tips for Your Summer Holiday in Bali

This October, Bali is very hot. If you happen to be on holiday in Bali, there may not be many activities to do during the day. If you're not careful, you could get a heat stroke. Source: Canva But don't worry; this time, I will share a story about spending time in Bali during the dry season, which may be as hot as summer in your country.