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Museum Bali: A Part of The Past

The Museum Bali is a tribute to the island's rich history and artistic legacy. It is located on the alluring island of Bali, which is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture. This museum provides tourists with a fascinating tour through Bali's history, art, and culture, going beyond its role as a simple collection of relics.  This article explores the intriguing world of Museum Bali and explains why it's a must-see location for anyone wishing to comprehend the essence of Bali.

Balinese Recipe: Sambal Matah and Tumis Paku

Indonesian food is very popular in the world. For example, there are rendang and fried rice. In Bali itself, there are suckling pig dishes and also chicken/duck betutu style. Today, let's try to make 2 traditional dishes. You can cook this for lunch or dinner to your family 😊

Bali Family and The Meaning of Putu, Kadek, Komang, and Ketut

Hello, my name is Putu Felisia, and this is my first blog entry. Putu's name immediately conjures up images of something. Yea, this is a pretty popular name in Bali.   What does this name imply, and what does it have to do with families in Bali? This will be covered in this article.