This Is The Viral Suckling Pig You Should Know: Babi Guling Pande Egi

Balinese food is always interesting to try. One of Balinese favorite menu is babi guling or suckling pig. Off course, this menu is for people who are able to consume pork and lard. But if you love to eat pork and the feel the exotic spices, you must try the Balinese Babi Guling.

babi guling bali

Somehow, Bali has many version of babi guling depends on its kitchen. Different kitchens will have different spices and different cooking techniques. For example, many kitchen in Bali use turmeric or coconut water to get the skin’s look glowing, but some kitchen use soy sauce, ketchup, Sprite, or Coke. Because of many styles and recipes, you can have many different tastes to satisty your mouth!

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The one that I tried last time was babi guling from Gianyar. This restaurant is going viral recently, so I am curious how is the taste.

babi guling pande egi

Babi Guling Pande Egi is located in Br. Pande Beng, Gianyar Bali. To get to Babi Guling Pan Degi, we need to go through the main road and enter a small road that is winding and unpaved. Even though the journey is not pleasant, Babi Guling Pande Egi offers a rice field view with a village ambience.

babi guling pande egi review

Unfortunately, when I came to the place, the rice fields were not in a nice condition so I was not happy seeing this.

rice field bali

So How Was The Flavor?

My order at that time was the Babi Guling Spesial/special suckling pig. The price for one portion is 36 thousand rupiah, or around 2.29 USD.

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In one portion, there is suckling pork, lawar, pork skin crackers, and several types of fried foods. Unfortunately, even though at regular warung babi guling they usually serve gravy on the special menu, here they don't. If we want to add more gravy, we have to pay again.

babi guling pande egi

So far, the seasoning for the suckling pig is quite tasty. The variety of spices has a rich taste. The suckling pork skin is also crispy, with not too much fat.

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The downside may be that the fried food feels hard and is difficult to bite. The oret/blood sausage menu also tasted bland and nothing special, with a mushy texture that wasn't pleasant to the mouth.

If you are curious about the viral Pande Egi suckling pig, you can come straight to Banjar Pande Beng Gianyar Bali. 

babi guling pande egi

I recommend the suckling pig menu with whole green coconut ice or passion fruit ice to freshen your mouth after eating fatty suckling pig.

babi guling pande egi


  1. Ngilerrrrr. Makan babi plus minumannya yang seger-seger seperti air kelapa dan markisa ya. Lemak dan kolesterol langsung rontok.

  2. Beberapa kali pas punya kesempatan ke Bali gak kesampaian nyoba babi gulingnya. Setidaknya udah icip nasi campur Bali yang ada babinya. Enaaaaak.

  3. Aslii kangen makan be guling... hahaha.. asli Aku kalau pulang ke Bali jarang makan di resto atau warung, biasanya pasti dimasakin keluarga besar. Apalagi kalau semua keluarga yang dr rantauan datang, rasanya kaya mau ngadain acara banjar. Pasti kalau makan be guling dgn sambel matah yg endulita minuman seger itu jadi kaya penyejuk kerongkongan. Anyway, lokasinya ini gianyar sebelum ubud kah??

  4. Bali is culinary heaven. I've been to Bali, and always want to go back there. I don't eat pork, but my friends must love this. Later I'll visit my brother and sister in law there.

  5. Sebenarnya penasaran dengan makanannya tapi gaboleh nah wkwk. Kalo dilihat dari tampilan gambarnya menarik nah, yang berminat ayo segera datang mengunjungi restorannya:))


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